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» Training 2019-2020 in syntonipathie (Therapy manual)
Training 2019-2020 in syntonipathie (Therapy manual)


Program of training in french only


For the program of training in therapy syntonipathie manual
please download the program click here: training
and we refer it back supplemented at this address:
or by mail to
Centre orchidee
2 hameau Kerlagadec
29120 TREMOC   
   www. syntonipathie.com
Thérapie manuelle syntonipathie
Syntonipathie  vibrate in harmony with the life
EMPATHY Department to be put intuitive in place of others and collect he feels
the practitioner in the middle of its hands puts to listen to the body of the consultant.
It is to locate the various points of blocking, on the physical plane these obstacles may translate into symptoms aigues or related to chronic emotional states.
After this first stage the practitioner balance the vital force of the zone which is to harmonize, without the manipulation, but by simple movement at the level of the body
Click here: see the video
This approach of therapy manual is very gentle not assaults not the body: It is a very effective means to surrender in movement the energy of the person in its entirety by respecting this fact its integrity.
Attention for the Training
The beginning of the first year of training does not take place each year
next training : October 2010
following Training: October 2012



The dates of the training 2016-2017 In syntonipathie

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