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» Use of essential oils
Use of essential oils
The organic essential oils are extracted from the aromatic gasolines of certain plants
More than 150 them have been isolated, each proposing a unique flavor and of the healing properties specific.
On the tire of common plants such as the tarragon, or herbs more as the melissa, the jasmine, the rose.
Can be harnessed organic essential oils alone or in mixtures. We associate the oils for two reasons to obtain a fragrance more elaborated and enhance or change their actions medicinal.
Essential oils are products trés effective, to the properties aseptisantes extremely powerful. They are obtained in general by distillation of the water vapor of aromatic plants only.
 Very concentrated, it possess the extraordinary property to cross the barrier skin and disseminates in our organization with some moving toward the body referred to the regeneration.
You must use the organic essential oils with great caution.
How to use
The essential oils bio may be used in an internal or external.
Ever of essential oil in the eyes or in the ears.
In case of projection in the eyes involuntary, to clean up several times with a cotton cloth soaked food
 Respect More than any other natural product, the concept of dose and capital importance domestic Channel
Use maximum 6 drops per day in two or three taken at the time of meals on a brown sugar or in a dessert spoon of honey. In the cases serious, you can go until a 8 drops. For the day.
Caution: for the cinnamon, oregano, savory, clove, thyme,camphor, dill.
External Route: in anointing 5 to 20 drops diluted to 10% or 20 % in the vegetable oil.
Not of massage: pure essential oil cinnamon, oregano, clove, savory, thyme .
In subjects present a known allergy
Well to choose the means, absorption in the light of needs
( the external route is always preferable)
Do not interrupt a treatment in the course without medical advice
Know the plants Irritating to skin and mucous membranes:
It must know know in user without abuse.The plants to oils all bio and a fortiori the essential oils pure must not be used to high dose by oral on a period too long.
The external route, thanks to filter made up of the skin do no harm if he knows choose organic essential oils énergétisantes oranges for the skin: The wood of rose, eucalyptus radiata, lavender .
Know the organic essential oils
Some of the molecules contained in the essential oils bio increase the awareness of the skin to the light solar, resulting in a browning more rapid of the skin
Example: The bergamotte, lemon, orange.
 Be careful for plants aromtiques toxic.
The responsibility of the toxic action on the system nervous at doses of certain plants immoderation is incumbent on a aromatic molecule called ketone ( camphor, carvone, Fenchon, Thujones )
The history of the aromatherapy (essential oils)
The qualities of the essential oils
Organic essential oils and their applications
V = vaporization, B = bath, M = massage, I = inhalation
Do not use no matter how a HE that you do not know.
Abide scrupulously by the ways ofth accidentally indicated
If you get the oil organic essential in the eye, never use water , but of vegetable oil take what you under the hand
 If a child absorbs inadvertently a large quantity of HE ex: 1 to 5 ml 
Contact the URGENCE 112
 or the Center anti-poisons the closest
For other uses ask us council.
Keep out of the reach of children.
The information relating to the use of HE mentioned on this site are from research carried out by professionals of health.
They are issued for information purposes and are not in any way a substitute for advice and orders issued by the doctors who are the only empowered to issue the therapeutic treatments which you would be most adequate.
The center orchidee declines any liability in case of accident, injury or injury suffered by anyone who would pursue an automédication on the basis of information contained in this site
. .................................................................
Very important
Do not leave flaçons of essential oils to reach of children



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